#ReplaceFearWithFacts - Megalodon are Extinct

Every so often we see “video evidence” of a megalodon sighting.  The truth is that megalodon have been extinct for a VERY long time.  One video repurposes a sleeper shark video from several years ago.  We’ve reached out to the posters of the video and let them know that we’re happy to help them authenticate any such videos in the future to help them with fact checking.  Hooray for new friends that are open to #ReplaceFearWithFacts and stop more hoaxes that do nothing but hurt shark conservation efforts.  Jump over to our contact page and let us know if you have a video that needs authentication or have more questions.

Megalodon hype isn’t limited to social media.  Major networks also get in on it and create shows that are designed to scare the public.  We get a little worked up about that and make videos/blog posts about it.  You can read one of our posts if you click here.