Ocean Diary

My humans take video and photos wherever they go and try to get interesting shots in the water and on the coast.  Check back every once in a while for what’s new or follow me on Instagram @elportoshark  or Twitter @elportoshark and I’m also on tumblr.

Some Human Friends encounter a pod of dolphin while headed out to Palos Verdes from Marina del Rey back in May 2016.  It was a cold, overcast day and the water was only about 62-65*F

Here’s a still shot of the pod in the video…quite beautiful!

There was something delicious in the water that they were feeding on.


Male elephant seals sure do get grouchy with one another…


….but LOOK how cute they are as babies…aww….


Some days  you get clouds…


…other days the sun comes out!


Some days you travel north…


…and others you travel even farther north.


Dawn is a beautiful time in Southern California…

Ventura Islands-min

…but our sunsets can’t be beat!

Dockweiler Sunset-min

Have you ever seen affection like this?

Would you try to surf this?